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Fwd: Registration form to first IPWG meeting   Message List  
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From: Bertaccini Prof.ssa Assunta < bertaccini_a@cib.unibo.it>
Date: 09-Aug-2007 17:30
Subject: Registration form to first IPWG meeting
To: "Bertaccini Prof.ssa Assunta" <bertaccini_a@cib.unibo.it >

Dears colleagues,

the majority of you sent positive reply for participation to the first IPWG meeting the will take place in Bologna November 12-15 2007.

From some of you we received filled registration form and after that no more indication of your attendance to the meeting (i.e. no registration money deposited in the bank, no hotel reservation), for others we never received registration form filled.


This message is to kindly ask those of you who are interested in attending to the IPWG meeting to send back registration forms filled

to e-mail address ipwg2007@gmail.com or to fax +39-051-2096723

specifying if the registration  will be  done directly at the meeting or by transfer of the money to bank/credit card before the meeting.

This will allow us to prepare all the documents in advance and to speed up registration process at the meeting.

For your convenience I am enclosing to this message the registration form to be filled with the requested informations.


Thanking you for the kind attention, I look forward to you all in Bologna,

Very best regards


Assunta Bertaccini

First IPWG meeting convener  

Thu Aug 9, 2007 7:25 pm

"Hugh Harries" <hugh.harries@gmail.com>
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IPWG2007 Registration formOK.doc
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... From: Bertaccini Prof.ssa Assunta <bertaccini_a@cib.unibo.it> Date: 09-Aug-2007 17:30 Subject: Registration form to first IPWG meeting To: "Bertaccini...
Hugh Harries
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Aug 10, 2007
9:18 am

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